Botanical Name: Vetivera Zinanoides

Common Method Of Extraction: Steam Distillation

Common Name: Citronella Oil

Part used: Root

Precautions:Non-toxic Can cause sensitization and irritation

Extraction: The oil is extracted from the roots part using
                    steam distillation process.

Blends Well With:Bergamot, Lemon, Orange, Lemon grass and even pine too

Uses: The oil helps in taking care of insomnia, nervous tension, stiffness, pains, oily skin, debility as well as in massage, diffuser and skincare applications

Summary:The oil helps in calming and soothing mind as well as helps to suppress hysteria, irritability, neurotic behavior. It also revitalizes body and helps in cases of mental & physical exhaustion. Further, the oil is also useful for general aches & pains, rheumatism, arthritis & muscular pain and in relieving cases of insomnia.