Welcome to Citro

      Citro Essential Oils Distillery Industry since its inception in the year 1992 has been rendering unique services to Fragrances, Flavors, Perfumes, Aromatics, Cosmetics, Pharmaceuticals, and Food industries by supplying Natural Products like

                  • Essential Oils

                  • Aroma Chemicals

                  • Spices oils

                  • Herbal & Botanical Extracts

      Citro industries has got its own advantages because of its location under the Foot hills of Western hate T.N.India.Where it not only producers and process the natural material but also cultivate harvest the raw material. This agro based and environmentally friendly industry, apart from natural spreading its natural fragrances throughout the world also maintains one of its missions providing social infrasature by way of creating employment opportunities in one of the remotest and downtrodden villages of rural India