Botanical Name: Artemisia pallens

Note Classification: Middle

Common Name: Davana oil

Part used: Whole plant

Specific Gravity: Between 0.869 and 0.985

Refractive Index: Between 1.4810 and 1.4955

Optical Rotation: Between +31 and +65

Aroma: Fruity

Blends Well With: Most essential oils

Countries where it’s found:india

Chemical composition: acetophenone, Davanone, Davan-Ether, Davana Furane and linalool

Extraction:This oil is extracted by the process of Steam Distillation

Properties & Uses: Davana Oil is one of the most useful essential oils. The oil is used for several purposes. Its unique and pleasant utile fragrance and attributes have properties like mucolytic, nerving, , aphrodisiac, calmative, emollient, Anti-infectious and so on. In addition, it can stimulate endocrine system as well.
Davana as aforementioned has several uses. The oil is used in anxiety, calming, coughing attacks with thick ropelike mucous and dry skin and so on.

Oil properties: Brownish with Tealike, Fruity Odor

Therapeutic properties: Anti-infectious, Astringent, Deodorant